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Solved is a collaboration platform and marketplace to hire sustainability experts.


Santtu Hulkkonen
CEO at Solved

Partner in charge

Christian Mandl
Managing Partner


Solved is a cleantech cloud-based collaboration platform combined an automated marketplace for hiring experts across industries. The company tackles the world’s environmental challenges by letting its clients, mainly cities, municipalities, and governments but also private companies, easily cooperate with the top-notch experts from around the world and solve local, regional and global environmental challenges.

Besides the public-facing platform with focus on cleantech, the platform and marketplace application can be also deployed as a white-label solution, to be used by corporations, NGOs and interest groups to bring together and nurture interactions among their own stakeholder networks.

Solved was founded by a Slovak-Finnish team and has offices in both Finland, specifically in Helsinki and Oulu, and in Slovakia. The company is led by Santtu Hulkkonen.