What we do

Neulogy Ventures was established in 2014 as a Luxembourg-based regulated venture capital fund, targeting investment opportunities in early-stage tech companies established or operating in Slovakia. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, the fund seeks to nurture the next generation of innovators to transition toward a knowledge economy.

With €65M assets under management, about 30 portfolio companies spread across 10 countries, and a strong track record investing in new technologies addressing climate change and healthcare, Neulogy Ventures is one of the leading deeptech investors in the CEE region.

What we look for

Moonshot ideas pushing the frontier in technology, climate and health. Mission-driven entrepreneurs with bold ambitions taking audacious bets.

Investment size

from €200K to €3M


SMEs established or operating in Slovakia

Our investors

Our investors include 40+ key players in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, joined by the European Investment Fund (EIF), the Slovak Investment Holding (SIH) and Tatra banka (RBI Group) as institutional investors.

Our funds are regulated by the Luxembourg financial sector regulator CSSF.

Our guiding principles


are entrepreneurs ourselves, looking for passion and ambition.


invest in real innovation, and don’t just blindly follow the hype.


are fast and transparent about our decision process.


add value beyond financing and board seats.


help with fundraising, strategic guidance and business development.


keep the founders in the driving seat and align interests with them.


care about each entrepreneurial story, not just about aggregated portfolio returns.


take a long term view, with no pressure for fast exits.


value humility and competence over arrogance and bullshit.


want shared values and no headaches.


are here to serve entrepreneurs and not the other way around.


Purpose matters. We aim to create a future that is progressive rather than regressive. We transcend defeatist views and explore new visions.


Reconciling Planet, People and Profit for a positive impact, also referred to as the “triple bottom line”. We believe that common good is compatible with financial performance, and can even improve it.


Fostering a culture of inclusion and recognizing the value of diversity. A diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment makes our companies more relevant, competitive and resilient.


Only what is measured can be acted upon. We follow the ‘Invest Europe ESG Reporting Guidelines’ as the industry standard, and work with our portfolio companies to evaluate their sustainability performance.

Our mission

We are a venture capital firm focused on supporting visionary founders at the early-stages of company formation and growth. Our team actively works with founders to develop products, target markets, and accelerate growth. We seek emerging, transformative technology and mission-driven founders who create and lead companies that will drive positive impact. Since our founding in 2014, we have invested in 30+ companies with aggregated annual sales of €122 million and helped create more than 1,250 jobs.

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