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Invesdor is a fintech company focusing on digital fundraising and investment crowdfunding.


Guenther Lindenlaub
CEO at Invesdor

Partner in charge

David Szedely


Invesdor is a financial technology (fintech) company focusing on digital fundraising and investment crowdfunding, which includes equity (shares) and debt crowdfunding (bonds). Invesdor is an investment service provider licensed to provide investment advice, placing of financial instruments without a firm commitment basis, reception and transmission of orders, safekeeping of financial instruments and advice on capital structure and mergers. Invesdor is licensed to help companies from 28 countries in the European Economic Area (EEA), and currently actively operating in six countries: Finland, Austria and Germany. To date, more than 124,000 users have invested over 320 million euros in European companies in more than 515 financing rounds, making Invesdor one of the largest investment and financing platforms in Europe.

Invesdor is led by Guenther Lindenlaub, CEO and co-founder of Finnest, our initial investment.