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GA Drilling develops technology for ultra-deep geothermal as the only viable large-scale baseload solution.


Igor Kočiš
CEO at GA Drilling

Partner in charge

Christian Mandl
Managing Partner


GA Drilling, with its patented PLASMABIT® technology, offers a solution for a local and independent source of electricity, heating, clean water, and food production in an unstable world. The company will provide scalable, modular, solutions to zero-carbon emissions energy production. Geothermal energy is the only renewable source of clean and baseload energy, available 24/7/365. It works regardless of weather conditions or the day-night cycle. PLASMABIT® brings a significant reduction in operational time and cost savings, drilling faster, deeper, and cheaper through any material, including hard rock and steel.

The co-founder and CEO, Igor Kočiš, as well as the whole GA Drilling team, brings an extensive experience in engineering, R&D, business development, and managerial leadership experience to the company.

GA Drilling is headquartered in Bratislava (Slovakia) with branches in Bristol (UK), Houston (USA) and Abu Dhabi (UAE).