"Neulogy Ventures has been the kind of investor that strikes a fine balance between providing guidance and letting us control and enjoy our start-up journey. Always ready to leverage their network, we feel they are 100% vested in helping us achieve success."
Rasto Ivanic
"If you're looking for a VC partner, who is interested not only in fastest return possible, but in the best way forward for the company come rain or come shine, Neulogy Ventures is a good bet. It has worked for us. And on top of it, the people at Neulogy Ventures are smart and fun to work with, which is very inspiring. A good bet indeed"
Heliodor Macko
SEAK Energetics
"From the very first meeting with Neulogy Ventures, we were immensely taken by the level of mutual understanding and human connection between our teams. Combined with their trust in our ideas and professional experience, they represented all we were looking for in an investor or a trusted business partner. Today, we are thankful to have a reliable and insightful partner who helps us steer AgentBalance towards becoming the number one solution in its field."
Premek Piska
"Neulogy Ventures is way more than just the money. Talented and competent team, highly pro-active approach, genuine interest in the startup´s business itself and effective networks of business contacts are all part of the package."
Slavomir Hazucha
"We were honored to be among the first two companies that Neulogy Ventures has invested in. Having worked with them for 2 years showed me that they are very passionate about what they do. They challenge us, support our decisions and are ready to help when we need it."
Milan Steskal
"Partnering up with Neulogy Ventures is a great ride. Besides capital support, it was foremostly Neulogy Ventures' know-how and wide network which allowed us to connect with meaningful partners and fueled Eyerim's expansion. It feels great to work with an investor who sees the common goal and hates micromanagement."
Martin Zahuranec
"Right from the start, the Neulogy Ventures team have been a helpful guide through our startup roller coaster journey. Their knowledge of the business ecosystem and a wide network of connections has helped us gain interesting partnerships both locally and globally. Happy to be part of the Neulogy Ventures family."
Lucia Kubinska
"Neulogy Ventures is a great business partner for us. They are truly open to communication and understand our views and steps in directing our company. Our meetings are always a great opportunity to discuss and consult our business strategy, rather than simply a forum to report back on progress. We also see Neulogy Ventures as a strong partner in further fundraising thanks to their network and experience."
Juraj Svincak