Meet’n’learn is an online marketplace connecting prospective students and tutors in an easy and friendly way. The online platform helps tutors and teachers reach their potential clients easily by serving as a marketing channel for teachers to build and promote their reputation. At the same time, Meet’n’Learn serves as a verifcation tool for teacher profiles.

The Meet’n’learn team is led by Juraj Svincak, an entrepreneur experienced in online marketplaces. Meet’n’learn is a member of Wayra Deutschland in Munich and it has so far been launched in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. The investment from Neulogy Ventures will help Meet’n’learn strenghten its position on existing markets and in further geographical expansion.

"Neulogy Ventures is a great business partner for us. They are truly open to communication and understand our views and steps in directing our company. Our meetings are always a great opportunity to discuss and consult our business strategy, rather than simply a forum to report back on progress. We also see Neulogy Ventures as a strong partner in further fundraising thanks to their network and experience."

- Juraj Svincak, CEO

Managing partner in charge of the investment:

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