Neulogy Ventures has invested in SEAK, an established lighting control company and an emerging player in intelligent LED lighting and energy saving for commercial and industrial customers.

Over the years, SEAK developed a unique technology of complex lighting control using powerline communication for both indoor and outdoor use. SEAK solutions save up to 40% of energy costs and serve clients such as VolkswagenTESCORTR ENERGÍA and Venture Lighting. In the words of the founder of Presov-based SEAK, Jozef Sedlak, the company "doesn't make luminaires, but makes them more intelligent, thereby creating energy and cost efficiencies at system level." 

Vítězslav Mizera, energy conservation manager for TESCO stores in Slovakia and Czech republic defines the customer value: “We were looking for lighting optimization systems and SEAK’s offered parameters perfectly matched our criteria for effective regulation for both outdoor and indoor TESCO premises.”

SEAK is uniquely positioned to expand internationally considering the rising demand for lighting management solutions and adoption of LED lighting. Neulogy Ventures entered the company with the goal to bolster SEAK’s management team, solidify R&D activity and expand the company’s business development globally. Ivan Štefunko from Neulogy Ventures says, “We are proud to be part of the company which has the potential to be a global energy saving player. Together we will do our best to achieve this goal.”