Boldburg, a pioneering sound industry player based in Kosice, Slovakia, has raised investment from Neulogy Ventures. Boldburg develops a series of professional sound system products based on the first modular audio split router. The product’s unique features significantly improve the work of sound technicians at concerts, shows or recordings. First customers will get their hands on the product in the fall of 2016.

Boldburg is led by Marek Petrinec, electric engineer who developed the Galileo device based on his extensive knowledge and experience in radio and event broadcasting. He leads a small team of engineers and sound experts based in Kosice, Slovakia. “We are thrilled to cooperate with Neulogy Ventures on bringing supreme sound and audio experience to live concerts, recording studios, music halls and stadiums. Company’s knowledge and networks in the industry allow us to leverage our relationships with customers and distributors and grow at a much faster pace,” says Marek Petrinec, founder and CTO of Boldburg.