How do I apply for funding from Neulogy Ventures?

Please visit our Get funded page and log into our tool that will guide you through our simple application form. 

Will Neulogy Ventures sign a non-disclosure agreement?

As a rule, we will not sign a non-disclosure agreement. Here you can read why MOST investors won’t. However, we will consider signing NDA later in the process, if protected intellectual property is involved, and in the due diligence process.

How do I know my idea will not be copied?

We are in the business of investing in good teams with the potential to bring their idea to a commercially viable, well-executed product. We are not interested in stealing other people’s ideas and turning them into companies. We see investing in a company also as a process of trust- and relationship-building. So, you can rest assured, we will not copy your ideas or give them to third parties.

In what type of companies will Neulogy Ventures invest?

Neulogy Ventures invests in all tech sectors from idea-stage, through proof-of-concept to revenue-generating companies looking to expand.

How much does Neulogy Ventures typically invest?

We can invest anywhere from EUR 50,000 to EUR 1,500,000 in a single round. Depending on your stage of development, overall funding can go up to EUR 3,000,000 per one company.

How can Neulogy Ventures help my company?

Being a fund founded, run, and backed by entrepreneurs, we offer our portfolio companies our long-running experience with structuring and managing companies in a wide range of industries in both B2C and B2B spaces, access to international networks, routes to expansion, access to foreign markets, and sources of follow-on funding. Importantly, on your way to success, we help with navigation and pay for the gas, but leave the steering wheel in your hands. 

Does Neulogy Ventures provide loans to companies?

No. Banks giving out loans to companies typically require tangible assets as collateral. We provide companies with investment in their equity in exchange for a minority share in the company. The funding has to be treated as an investment, typically to acquire new people, new equipment, for protection of intellectual property, a new sales and marketing campaign, setting up new locations etc. We will not give funding to buy out shareholders, such as co-founders or current investors.

Does Neulogy Ventures take over the investee company once it invests?

No. We provide funding in exchange for a significant minority stake, ranging from 10 to 40 percent, depending on the valuation. Like we said, we want the founders to be in the driver’s seat. We will sit on your Supervisory Board and make sure you have access to all the advice and resources available to grow your company. 

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